Yottsugo: Crossword Game Unboxing Review


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Best word game, Yottsugo Crossword Game

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You know what a crossword puzzle looks like; now you get to build your own, following the clue cards!

Build and connect interlocking words into a grid. That’s right: the words must connect! One level option connects the same four words across and down. Another level uses four words across and four different words down!

But don’t worry; the puzzles are not impossible! A genius vocabulary isn’t even required. In fact, pshaw; a genius vocabulary might work against you; the game uses 4-letter words anyone might use on a daily basis!

Take your first Clue Card, then sort out the 16 letters for the puzzle. They will fit together vertically and horizontally just like a jigsaw puzzle, so feel free to lock words together when you think you’re onto something!

Leave the puzzle out at breakfast, during PTA meetings, cocktail parties, football games, baby showers, all the time! Honestly, this puzzle game is an anytime challenge; leave it out and your friends and neighbors will get sucked in, too! (Oh, and the plastic tiles wipe clean, so keeping the puzzle in a busy part of your home is no problem whatsoever!)

At an impasse, a standstill, a no-way-out woeful dead end? Open the first flap of the Clue Card to reveal a hidden clue. Clues will tell you: letters you will find adjacent to each other in the puzzle, where you might find some letters in the grid, or even word clues like a real crossword puzzle!

Calling all moms, dads, grandparents, word lovers, pattern lovers, puzzle lovers, challenge lovers, Mensa minds, and junior high school students! Everyone can enjoy YOTTSUGO on an even playing field!

Wordsmithery is not required!

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Yottsugo Crossword Game

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