Yottsugo by Fat Brain Toy Co.


A new type of word puzzle – YOTTSUGO leaves the challenge level up to you!

YOTTSUGO contains everything you’ve ever wanted in a puzzling word game.

A genius vocabulary isn’t needed to play. All the word solutions in the 40 puzzles are words you might use on a daily basis. For folks in ball hats and intellectuals grounded in academia – YOTTSUGO is more fun than you can shake a stick at.

Tiles in view and Clue Books nearby should you need them, using 16 letter tiles you’ll create eight words that fit together both vertically and horizontally. Take a peek at a clue if you’d like – or give it a go cold. Maybe you’ll warm up to the solution quick and every tile will fit. Or, maybe not…

At an impasse, a standstill – a no-way-out woeful dead end? You may decide to open the nifty flap to reveal Clue #1. Oh sweetness. The clue just saved your bacon. Now you’re cooking again!

Think, rearrange the tiles again, think some more. Nothing. Still Nothing. More Nothing. Snatch yourself from the jaws of impossibility and open the second nifty flap for Clue #2! Three nifty flaps can be opened for a new clue whenever your mind shouts out for mercy.

No accidental seeing a solution until you’re ready – this word game allows you to push the limits of your stamina and word wizardry!

If you’re a word lover, or not so much, either way – you’re in for a delightful surprise.

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