VS Episode 140: Jeremy vs. Gavin


Gavin challenges Jeremy to a game of Punishment Pong. Will Jeremy be able to keep his VS reign? Or will Gavin’s new pong game be too punishing? Join FIRST to watch episodes early:

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VS Episode 140: Jeremy vs. Gavin

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  1. We need more of this game not vs just this game needs to come back new punishments a Ryan version punishment hidden in the tie breaker cup and just random contestents

  2. I know gymnasts get pretty ripped but I'm surprised you can still kinda kinda see Jeremy's abs even years after.

  3. Those are some massive cups. lol
    That slow mo of the beginning of Ryan hitting the ball was amazing. He was so proud of himself. 😛
    Throwing stuff at a person in front of a shelf full of stuff probably isnt great. lol "ahhh its so spicy. owww. owww." 😉

  4. have you never played sting pong? just lift your shit up and turn ur back around. let them throw it at your back. that stings.

  5. That rubber band gun is no joke though, actually know somebody who got an eye taken out because of them messing around with bands


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