Trying out the update for vaulting on the PTS.

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  1. @6:06 – the guy from the tower building opened the door as you looked away x) !! anyone else saw that ?? you can see him push as well x)

  2. Don't like the vaulting out of window thing. It makes it kind of silly, everybody constantly shooting out of upper story windows.

    I think you should take damage if you decide to jump through glass. And you should take damage or have a chance of taking damage if you fall from a one story height or greater.

    The vaulting over walls and such is good. But through glass windows and out of upper story windows needs to have some potential negative consequences to it.

  3. I’m gonna buy PUBG for Xbox when it’s released and I️ know that there’s a third person and first person option. How does that work? Can you switch between the two In game or is I️t like two separate severs for each type of viewpoint.


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