Vaulting Breaks The Game! – Rainbow Six Siege


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Vaulting in Rainbow Six Siege was quite the topics on twitter about a month ago, so I decided I’d run some tests and it immediately got way more complicated than I thought it would be. There a definitely issues with this mechanic in the game right now and whatever I did to try to figure it out, I couldn’t quite get my head around the underlying issue. I tested vaulting with various pings, I tried vaulting different windows and balconies, I vaulted with different operator speeds and I compared the first person to a third person’s view and finally all of the puzzle pieces started falling into place! If you want to know what I discovered, follow me through the results of all of the my tests in this video!

0:00 – Evidence Of The Problem
3:57 – Does Vaulting Break Hitboxes?
6:37 – Does Vaulting Cause Synchronisation Issues?
15:43 – Does Vaulting Break Hit-Registration?

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  1. Thank you NordVPN for the support! Check out more info here:

    0:00 – Evidence Of The Problem
    3:57 – Does Vaulting Break Hitboxes?
    6:37 – Does Vaulting Cause Synchronisation Issues?
    15:43 – Does Vaulting Break Hit-Registration?

  2. Actually this glitch happens with dropping down
    I just lost a match because I was dropping custom hatch and a castle was hiding in black and I prefired his head and it was exactly on the head still I died
    Next match a rapel entering ash killed me with perfect aim

  3. first clip is amazing because when slowed down only 3 of his shots actually hit, and it's an mpx so bucks hp makes perfect sense

  4. probably a bit late comment, but one time on attacking i jumped from 2nd floor on bank and took absolutely no fall damage at all, dont have any video clip sadly 🙁

  5. btw i figured it out for achieved, first shotgun blast top right server isues and he barely missed second shot, for godlynoob, hit reg broken i guess

  6. 5 G should fix a lot of this. That IS if people are SANE enough to actually stop thinking it causes freakin illness. The sun puts out more electromagnetism than any cell tower ever could.

  7. This is due to server tick rate and the communication between clients and the game. It has to do with the start and end of the vault animation getting desynced. When you start the animation it has a chance of causing it to start on one tick for you and another for them sounds like between 0-10 ticks.

  8. Perhaps the game vault prompts have 6 checks/triggers/ticks per second (167ms between ticks, a very close number to what kept popping up in your testing), as constantly checking if the player can vault would take too many resources, and the falling synchronizes to the closest vault trigger. As a coder, that seems logical. Since the servers have 60 ticks/second, having it check for vaults 1/10th of those times just seems to make sense from a code perspective. Perhaps this could be tested by checking pure fall times, and not just vaults (i.e. do similar tests falling through hatches or running off a ledge and see if the similar desync of ~150ms occurs). It does seem as though I float for slightly different amount of times when dropping through a hatch, but I lack the software to do accurate testing.

  9. this might explain why sometimes on my screen when I peek something and then get back behind cover again I die as if I was still peaking

  10. When Alibi jumps out the window on Kafe, the ragdol is different for each player 🤔

  11. Bruh you literally have figured out more than the ppl that made this game and are supposed to fix stuff on it lmao

  12. Nordvpn doesn't secure their costumers' private data properly so they get easily hacked and ppl can steal your private data. So no thanks….
    A company claiming to "protect your privacy" by offering a "secure vpn", yet they can't even secure their costumers' data properly……

  13. I've had two different instances where I shoot people with Cali's sniper while there vaulting and it only does 25ish damage

  14. I think it in that work error because when achieved was watching a playback ash was kind of glitch and around

  15. You also aren’t accounting for the server needing to register grenade explosions, soft destruction on site, 3 gunfights going on at the same time, and all 10 people moving at the same time. The siege servers seem to be a massive reason why these “hit reg” problems are so bad

  16. Rogue-9 bro.. if u good a anything you're very good at making mofos fall asleep LMAO.. I fell asleep trynna learn about this bullshit that happened to me earlier 😂

  17. This is kinda funny. I've just got back into siege and whilst playing a comp match as thermite. I detonated his charge and started shooting a headshot for it to simply not fire despite spamming the lmb. Not sure if this is just something personal for me or if there is a mad delay with the thermite charge and firing a gun after?


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