Uzumaki Noroi Simulation on WonderSwan Full Playthrough Part 1


Praise be to the spiral!

This is the first part of our full play through of one of two games for the Bandai Woderswan based on Junji Ito’s classic horror manga Uzumaki.

In Uzumaki: Noroi Simulation (Curse Simulation) you play as the eponymous black spiral curse! In the game, you sneak around a small Japanese seaside village looking for ways to inflict your spiral madness upon the unsuspecting citizens.

In this first installment, we explore the village and pick up some items that will come in handy as we get to work spreading our spirally madness. We start of strong by using one such item to plant the seed of chaos!

During our play through, we provide a full English translation of this Japan-only release (to the best of our abilities.)

The Bandai Wonderswan was a Japan-only handheld game console. It had three iterations: Wonderswan, Wonderswan Color, and Wonderswan Crystal. A cool feature of all models was the ability to play games in a horizontal wide screen position, or a vertical position perfect for puzzle games, vertical shooters, and manga or visual novels.

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  1. I read this ten years ago online, bought a not-so-good national edition of the manga, bought the viz american deluxe edition two years ago, then Uzumaki got a national re-release this year, and only now in this new edition it was mentioned that the manga has two videogame adaptations. Amazing how information is elusive even in the age of internet. Thanks for playing this hidden gem, guys

  2. i literally just finished reading uzumaki like a few minutes ago and now im here desperately looking for more materials related to it lol

  3. When I heard about the animated adaption coming out my interest in the manga was seriously piqued, and upon looking at the wikipedia I found mention of this game. It's an interesting idea to make the story into a game, and I barely know what the wonderswan is. Glad I could find a video on it! Cool to hear all the translations.


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