Unlocked Robocraft? – [MachineCraft – First Impressions]


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  1. First thing I built was a taxi

    It didn't work

    Second thing I built, after looking at other vehicles, was a van. It works.

  2. Machine Craft is so much better than Gamble Craft, aka I mean Robocrap, er I mean robocraft from freescam games.

  3. This is a game its best look at tutorials if you don't know how things work. Then on like most builders, the rest is up to your imagination

  4. Just in-case you don't already know you can set the control's of the block by pressing 4 and clicking the block and if you press T on a block while in the first tab thing you copy that block and can place it anywhere if you hold alt you can place anywhere and if you hold alt then place you can move and it will create a big block also you can alt click on something a big group of blocks and it will delete it and if you press B you push the machine in the direction you are facing also you can press Z to upright your machine (outside of builder) and it you press F8 you get teleported into the air (outside of builder)

  5. I would say this is more like scrap mechanic not robocraft. But I actually prefer this over scrap mechanic because of more features. With more polishing, this game will be an amazing sandbox. The documentation sucks cos it's poorly translated.

  6. FINALLY another English speaking person that plays this. Nice video, awesome quality, great commentary, unique style. Ya got a sub from me!

  7. It is similar to Robocraft but unique in its ways because what I got from your impression it has something like free-roam which could be both + and – to the game (Depends on what player thinks about it).


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