UNBIRTH (2004) | Delving into an old Frictional Games Horror


I don’t know where you can download this from. I’ve had it on my PC for years now. If you’re going to dig around for a link, be safe.

UPDATE: there was a link the whole time i’m just dumb here it is

This was released back in 2004 but wasn’t finished. The game crashes at random intervals, there’s no way to save progress and some levels are just bugged as hell. The only way you can seem to play this is how I approached it in this video: loading up each level via console commands and trying to string along the story, puzzles and environments as you go.

I’ll tell you now – I did not finish this. I don’t think I could have. I didn’t check through every level, nor did I find every item or puzzle. I’m not sure what the story was or how it was supposed to progress, but I show off as much as I could here.

Frictional’s new game is coming out soon. People think it’s going to be an Unbirth remake but I’m not convinced they’d revisit an old property at this point. I couldn’t find much coverage of Unbirth online so I figured while people have it on their minds, it’s worth someone going over it as cohesively as possible to refresh everyone’s memory.

With all that said, enjoy what I found. And please go and find out what I missed!

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  1. I am back! Sorry that I haven’t been around… I took a break from YouTube altogether. It’s good to see you continue playing horror games! Imma go now, byeee

  2. 26:43 This is exactly what it looked like when my game files for Amnesia corrupted, except everything also turned neon pink


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