Tynker | Immersive Game Worlds for Kids to Learn Programming


Tynker’s vision is to enable kids to make anything they imagine. Build games. Publish apps. Command drones and robots. Control hardware and toys. To do this, kids need to be motivated to learn the basics of programming. Tynker’s fun and easy approach has introduced more than 23 million kids to programming. Now, we’ve made the learning experience even more fun and engaging!

Our new Tynker Coding Adventures are immersive game-worlds cleverly designed to teach kids programming as they complete missions. Each Adventure is a 16-week online programming course that enables kids to make their own games and publish directly to mobile devices.

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  1. https://www.tynker.com/minecraft/texture-packs/mobs/view/5c49eaaaff13b760b644bbf4/slender-man/5c49eaaaff13b760b644bbf4

  2. i wish tynker was free. almost every single coding requires money and not no money. please recreate tynker of how to get it free please there is a tynker app that requires money. millions of people of people sspend billions of dollars and that is the worst. please make a new tynker app and website that does not require money please 0.00$ per month free per month

  3. I kinda wish my school had stuff like this instead of art club or beta club they give out chrombooks but then say doing stuff like this on your chrombook will get it confiscated from u

  4. My kid loves his Tynker course. He's 7 and he's a little more than half way through the Aida's Adventure course that he got for Christmas! His first complaint… There's no unicorn in the fantasy character group. Hope your kickstarter does better than expected.


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