Top Ten Pyromaniacs in Anime


If you play with fire, then… you should hang out with these anime characters. In this video, we talk about the fire users in anime that heat up the night…and morning, and basically any other time of the day. Of course, we probably missed some good ones since we don’t know every anime, but hey, let’s just have some fun with wacky antics that might ensue when listing these characters. Judgment Meter joins me for this one.

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  1. Do a part 2 since there are even more characters that use fire now. Hell. there's even a show about badass firefighters.

  2. Pyrotechnics are also a common in Fighting Games

    Maybe you could do a Top 10 Fighting Games Characters who fight with Fire

  3. 6:20 Entei can learn TM pshychic and Entei is also the name of a character Inuyasha and Entei can also be misread as Hentai

  4. Ummmm. Natsu, is an obvious one. Don't forget the obvious flame user of Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Yamamato from Bleach, Sasuke from Naruto… should prob rename this to "TOP 10 FIRE ECCHI"

  5. The only thing I felt you neglected to mention was Natsu's ability to eat fire. Otherwise… great list!

  6. You dad probably laughs because he has read or seen Hamlet and their is a pretty funny line (out of context) about a Nunnery

  7. Cure Sunny was shown in the beginning of the video, and I was hoping to see either her or Cure Scarlet in the list. Even if neither of them were, it was still nice to see one of them acknowledged.

  8. where is muhamed avdol from jojo his stand is magicians red who can control fire a humanoid bird that can contror fire

  9. Genryusai from Bleach is another.
    Natsu from Fairytale. was a better choice.
    Shana from Shakugan no Shana. is another.
    in fact I think there's at least one pyro in every anime. its like a rule or something.

  10. My top ten

    #1 Hiei/Endeavor
    #2 Ace/Sabo
    #3 Roy Mustang
    #4 Sailor Mars
    #5 Blaziken/Charizard
    #6 Natsu
    #7 Captain Falcon
    #8 Torchman
    #9 Kirby
    #10 Pikkon

    My secret number 11 and 12
    #11 Me in Minecraft
    #12 Sparky sparky boom man

  11. pyromaniacs is a meantal disorder in wich people have the impulse to deliberately start fires, I think this list is more pyromancer by the fact that are people who control fire

  12. Itachi Uchiha. The man creates fire that burns other fire. Sure his little brother can do it too, but that kid's a whiney emo brat, so Itachi it is.


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