The ULTIMATE IRELIA Guide – BEST Tips to SOLO CARRY from Top and Mid Lane | LoL Challenger Guide


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This pro League of Legends Irelia guide by Challenger coach, Panther, will teach you tips, tricks and strategies to help you climb through EVERY RANK whether playing in the top lane or mid! Use these pro tips for runes, laning and teamfighting in your own gameplay to rank up FAST and be the best Irelia 1-trick you can be! Irelia mains unite!

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  1. everyone talking about tf blade but no one actually talks about Llder, wich is actually a mechanical god and underated af.

  2. Thanks alot man♥️✨ after watching this video i crushed the enemy team but lost the match😅😅 due to feeding team but i was happy that in my second time and i already did a great job, anyways i just wanted to ask how did you make the tower different than the default one we have?😍

  3. sometimes when they ban my diana i just pick irelia and i never lost a game with her. i'm silver and barely play irelia, it's just so easy to pick her up and destroy everyone.

  4. thanks tho Irelia main for 7 seasons now stoped playin after i started again she got reworked 🙁 200k and i suck although i have only 30k on reworked irelia other 170 are from the old one to all my teammates that saw me failing sorry guys i know i suck but i ll get to it i promise 😀

  5. Why did I enter here? This is for overfeminist guys whom only interest is the woman, they live for the woman, they die for her etc.

  6. 7:54 Ok but what is THIS black magic fuckery

    Is there like a trick to dashing like this efficiently besides unlocking camera, or do you just have to be THAT fast with moving and clicking with your mouse

  7. not one of your best guides. Totally down played her kit. She actually has one of the most complex kits in the game. Use her ult to zone the enemies in team fights, or clean up. Zone from objectives, zone support from their adc's, and font forget it has a massive slow. You didnt really explain any combos or advanced techniques… idk just not a good guide.

  8. 3 things happened today
    My friend said Irelia is bad
    He got run over by a car
    I permanently lost my driver’s license

  9. gold and below almost no one really cares for level 1-2 irelia, especially mid laners, you just melt them level 1 and snowball off of it

  10. apparently there are no guides on how to beat reworked mordekaiser all I see are obsolete guides with both old Irelia and old Mord, gotta say google is getting unreliable now.

  11. when i play irelia, it feels like my only dmq source is the q. cause the w is defensive and the e is just utility. how the fuck am i supposed to trade with a fiora. not that i search the trade, but when she starts to hit me. it feels like the most impossible thing to do as irelia against fiora. but not just that. it is almost way to impossible to lane against ANY other toplaner such as darius, garen etc. i really miss the old irelia. i really do. this new one is just so unnecessary complicated

  12. She is just so hard to play. Quite a mechanical champion. I pulled off a very good combo facing riven but we lost. She just needs a week or so practice.

  13. Bro. Didnt talk once about how the q can go onto cool down. Or how to stack q charges by q onto enemy, stun, get two more q charges, ult and get 2 more q charges. This is crucial knowledge.. that's 5 a charges to help you in fights where you dont have minions around but in general that's the bread and butter, knowing when you'll keep the q up, when youll lose it and how to get a new charge.

  14. Ill never understand why people mispronounce irelia. Riot has said how its pronounced yet people say Ayrelia . Awsome vid nontheless just an observation from me. Earned yourself a sub 😊


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