The Ritual Must Be Completed! | The Enigma Of Salazar House (Part 1)


The Ritual Must Be Completed | The Enigma Of Salazar House (Part 1) – Puppet Combo Presents The Enigma of Salazar House is point and click haunted house game with Virtual Boy inspired graphics. The debut game from Chilean developer Ignacio Maldonado / Maldo19

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  1. To those new to my channel, welcome! Did you know we have a Discord Channel? Come check it out here: I also have a Patreon if you'd like to support me! All payments are specifically for Youtube and Youtube-related expenses only:

  2. Omgg i cant believe i finally see a chilean developer 💖 theres not much support in game development here in Chile so its kind of hard for them u.u i really hope he can make a career out of this
    Btw your spanish isnt so bad, ill be waiting for the next part 🙇🏻‍♀️

  3. Sorry to be off-topic but I watched you playing the Summer Nights collection – I noticed that in the Airdorf game during the 3d part it features the same art on the fridge as seen in the original Faith game! Thought you might find that interesting – probably just a fun easter egg.

  4. You pronounce the ñ like nnya. So like piñata for a native English speak is like: "pinnyata". For the Muñoz, it's like Munnyoz. My rough phonetic interpretation of it anyway. Not trying to be a pedantic cunt, but I always think it's fun to learn how to pronounce foreign languages I am not familiar with, or at least share my own particular phonetic experience (since dialects vary).

  5. Loving this game, I love in general this kind of point and click adventure with the style of the Text command adventures like Uninvited and Shadowgate.
    Btw, the hole in the bathroom was a reference to Junji Ito and Silent Hill 4 The room.

  6. A useless fact:
    The tune from the main menu is a midi of the Devils Violin, apparently one of the most difficult pieces of violin

  7. I thought my youtube was buggy. Because the frame rate and face cam was not synced.
    Dayum this game has a Simillar concept to "Cat in the Box"
    Something about a ritual that needs to be completed

  8. Little fun fact, the music that plays through out most of this game is a seven page Violin/piano solo titled “The Devil’s Trill” by Tartini

  9. Being an indie game, it could be really unoptimized. Not a knock against the dev, just it's possible that they didn't consider performance for a wide range of systems.

  10. Eh, overall you're not that bad at spanish names. But if you're interested, just keep in mind "J" is like the "H" in honey, so it's "haime" for "Jaime", and "Ñ" is more or less "ni" – so "munioz" for "Muñoz".
    Anyway, cool game! I always like that GB aesthetic.

  11. intresting game shame it uses too much cpu for no reason also september 1988 isa reveresen to an obscure game called september 1998 (i think) whit pretty realistic graphics trough the vieuw of an old camrecorder

  12. is the video supposed to be 1 frame per 20 second ? or is my computer dying ?
    edit : thank god the full video isn't like this.


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