Spanish Deck of Cards Barajas Review


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Spanish playing cards, fortune telling cards very interesting.

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  1. Hi, I'm a Spaniard and this is how we call each type of card:

    Each group of cards that contain the same symbol is a "palo".
    Stick = Bastos.
    Coin = Oros.
    Glass = Copas.
    Blade = Espadas.

    Every 10th, 11th and 12th card have also a name.
    10th = Sota.
    11th = Caballo.
    12th = Rey.

    So, for example, when you have a "sota" of a specific "palo", you say "sota de oros" (sota of coins).

    Hope that helped!

    Edit: also the cards containing one of each symbol are also called "as" (ace).

  2. Yea those are sticks or more properly called clubs, I think the kind of deck you have is the one without the 8s and 9s , It's not so common nowadays but you can still play a lot of games with it, for example here in Argentina we play a really popular game called "Truco" (trick) I'ts kind of difficult to understand at first but it has the intensity of playing poker (I must say I find it more interesting and funny than poker) you can actually "trick" your opponent and win a hand without having good cards and using your cleverness. Those cards are really extended around all Spanish speaking countries and I'm sure every one has it's own local creative games to play with, which are kinda interesting for me, I should say.


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