Social Thinking: 3 Simple Ideas for using Superflex Superdecks & Thinkable/Unthinkable Double Decks


Superflex Superdecks are card games created to invoke your own superflexible thinking as you teach students to be more superflexible social thinkers. The Thinkables & Unthinkables Double Deck is the superflexible teaching tool to improve social skills and develop social competencies. Use these with individuals who are learning about or have already been introduced to Superflex. It’s all about superflexibility!

Superflex Superdecks & Double Deck Bundle:

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  2. We LOVE using these cards – thank you for some new ideas! Another game my students enjoy is a variation on "memory match" game. When students make a "match" (turn over 2 matching cards) they describe that Unthinkable's power AND share a strategy to defeat him/her – and get an extra turn. Thank you for keeping your products and ideas fresh!


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