Satisfashion – Paris Show 2


There is no help section or tutorial in this game at all. 🙁

In the first part, you have to put on models’ makeup.
Find the right color and click the face.
The makeup will change as Casual-Dressy-Trendy.
Also, find the correct hairstyle and then click the hair.
If there is no suitable combination, click the shuffle button.
Put some decorations on for bonus points, too.

In the second part, you have to dress models.
Find the outfit which suits the theme of the show.
Then, put those items on the models.
Putting items in thinking bubbles on the model gives bonus points.
But if the theme of that item isn’t right, just ignore them.
Accessories(hats and purses) are bonus items.
They don’t have any theme. Just put them on for more points.

Sometimes, you won’t find any clothes which suit the theme.
Then, use the clothes which shares only a single theme instead.

After dressing the models, you have to choose buyers.
Click the buyer with the correct themes in 3 seconds.

You may design custom clothes with design points.
Use the money from shows to buy new clothes.
Well, I don’t know how to get design points though…

There are 4 goal levels- Goal, Master, Expert, and Designer.
In some levels, even Master goal is impossible to achieve.


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