Program Your Knights To Escape Treacherous Dungeons – Selfless Heroes (Northernlion Tries)


Selfless Heroes on Steam:

Selfless Heroes is programming-themed dungeon-crawling puzzler that feels a bit like 7 Billion Humans. Check it out!

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About this game:

Solve puzzles by designing an AI for a team of selfless heroes. Test your algorithm, optimize it, and emerge victorious from the dungeon!


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  1. I know what he was talking about this game is programmed in api get pull push pop request and runs on mongodb with antialiasing enabled locally on mipmap cron timer bash scripts

  2. I'm not usually really that much into these since they pretty much always boil down to the same levels but the fact you can type the code instead of using a fiddly graphical editor has raised my interest.

  3. Ooh! 7 billion humans with a code editor mode? Yes please. Hope the puzzles are fun and there are enough of them. Other than that it looks GREAT.

  4. had this on my second monitor while doing a programming project. it was inspiring to know i could at least out program NL :p

  5. 14:30 most game developers excessively worry about writing the most optimized code because multiple instances of our code has to execute in 1/60 of a second. Most programmers get a little more wiggle room to write scripts so in their field readability is more important.

  6. He got it stuck in his brain that he had to put "if" commands for everything. The boss is actually not that hard. Start with step right, then follow that with the if commands.

  7. About your engine question: Selfless Heroe is an open source game made in Phaser, a browser game libary, running on desktops via electron (or similar). You can look at the source on github

  8. I've downloaded the game from, but when I get to the fireball level, some of the text appears to be in Russian (but only if I have my default language set to English)! Why is this and how can I fix it?

  9. btw nl, dont know if you realized this after the video but you can create multiple solutions for the same level and those together increase the number of stars. the solutions add to your star total for the level

  10. "at least on the first ten or so levels I'm not gonna get bodied, which is very rare for me in those puzzle games"

    Is it though?

  11. As a programmer, I hate that a lot of these "optimal" solutions have these knights performing no-ops, for instance an optimal solution at 11:25 is a; fireball(s); fireball(n); step(e); jump a;
    Also come on it's 2020, no one is using jump statements in high level programming to make a loop

  12. god damn it, now I have to buy this game because its killing me to think I know the better solution.

    I will kill these ogres.

    You're doing gods work for these indy devs, the world thanks ya

  13. Ah, the ol' NL makes you buy the game so you can prove you know better.
    WP developers, WP

    (I know they didn't sponsor/give him a code)


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