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In this video I explain what it means to be Proactive vs Reactive and how being proactive will vastly improve your success towards your life’s goals and other aspirations.
What is proactive?
Proactive people are very organized and they project themselves into the future rather than focusing only on what’s happening in front of them. So you must strive to be proactive.

What is reactive?

In general reactive people tend to deal with things as they come. These people are often referred to as firefighters because everything for them is done at the last minute. Reactive people are often surprised by situations such as:

-) Was the exam planned today?
-) OMG, my project deadline at work is tomorrow!
-) I can’t believe I have all these tasks at the same time.

The problem with reactive people are that they don’t plan things. They show up to the life unprepared and deal with things as they come, which eventually leads to 2 main things:
-) First they waste a lots of time with unproductive activities
-) And second they often feel overwhelmed with things when few of them have to be done in the same time. But of course it only happened because things were not planned out.

Here are some main characteristics of reactive and proactive people:
1. Proactive people don’t blame anyone or anything. Reactive people blame circumstances, conditions, and conditioning.
2. Proactive people’s behavior is a product of their conscious choice based on values. Reactive people’s behavior is a product of their conditions based on feelings.
3. Proactive people are still influenced by external stimuli, but their response is a value-based choice. Reactive people build their lives around other emotions.

Certainly, there are times when it’s appropriate to be reactive. We have plenty of decisions to make in-the-moment. There are times when we need to be flexible and adapt to a rapidly changing environment. There are times when long-term plans must be abandoned in order to meet immediate needs. And there will always be those unavoidable roadblocks that even the most proactive person in the world would not have been able to foresee or avoid, however, the ability to be proactive provides a clear advantage if you strive to improve any area of your life.

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  1. Thank you so much for making this video . I really enjoyed watching this and this is very useful too. This video will definitely help me in my life's journey

  2. I have no idea what to do about my spiritual connection to the universe. It has thrown me through so many loops that have negatively effected my image and self esteem. It even taunts me everyday. I can’t get away from it. Please help me .

  3. reactive people were raised improperly. you'd be a completely different person for the better if you adopt these habits

  4. I think almost nobody is naturally proactive, maybe it's something everyone needs to have learned at some point

  5. Being in a society where all are such mediocre, talk only about people, have small vision, don't have any values, always compare or try to be like one of them and so on…
    Sometimes I loose my mind and can't focus on my goals,, soon I will get out of here but until I need some sort of help, may be just motive words for being in such a society and putting work.

  6. Great video and very informative , congrats . I Dont listen to negative people. You feel better when you surround yourself with positive people. They encourage you to reach for the stars, work hard and stay focused on fulfilling your dreams. Visit my channel where i went to the Philippines and got married with a filipina . Thank you

  7. I am reactive in certain areas and proactive in other areas. I do hate planning though because I feel it constricts what I can do when I should focus on what I need help in or what needs to be done.

  8. watching this while organizing my sewing box when I should be doing schoolwork. butttt thank you. I enjoyed listening to this 🙂

  9. I'm a proactive person who is married to a reactive person. This explains why we have so many arguments. I'm always trying to plan ahead and he wants to "talk about it tomorrow". I like to research and he feels like he learned about it a long time ago and doesn't need to revisit or gain new insight into anything. Its frustrating. Can reactive people change their way for the better?

  10. Great video, I learned a lot about myself. Now I understand my behavior when i set goals for myself and not accomplish them. It's because i rather set the idea in motion but won't do much about it until is too late to fix the issues. Now i understand have to program myself to be a very active person! Thanks…

  11. Good video but one thing I'd like to note is Proactive and Reactive people gets affected by their environment. Thats why so many great people succeed only when they left those environment because its a trap! Escaping your current surroundings doesn't give you success by any means but it has a great effect on your life.

  12. just a heads up, I am using voice text and it likes to get drunk on me LOL so I am sorry for the typos. Anyway, I love this video. Around the 4 minute mark it talks about choosing whether to be proactive or not by working out or relaxing. In my opinion both can be considered proactive depending on the situation. For me, if I work out after a long day when I am already physically and mentally exhausted sometimes working out will help the other times relaxing and getting my rest is the best choice. For example I could push myself to workout even though I am exhausted but I am not going to get the best work out if I feel weak and tired. Of course anything helps, butt sometimes it's better to know when your body is telling you it needs rest versus pushing it. I look at how it will affect me the next day. For one, if I exercise late at night it will make me wired even though I am tired. That's when I can decide whether I am being proactive by exercising or by resting so that I can get a good night's sleep for the next day. Depending on the day, taking action or not taking action can be proactive. My problem is listening to what my body is telling me as well as my mind. It's great to be proactive in the common meaning but at the same time being too proactive can cause physical and mental burnout. My husband is always on the go and I admire him for that but sometimes it annoys me that he doesn't know when to stop because then he gets exhausted from his obsession with go go go. And guess who has to deal with a grumpy husband from being exhausted? Me! lol People need to learn not to feel guilty by taking care of one of the most important things which is rest and self-care. Both the body and mind need rest. In the United States many people have what they call hurry sickness. They always feel pressured to stay busy which can momentarily create good results but if you don't know when to hit pause all that hard work you did will go to waste because you will suffer from burnout. We've all been there but the worst feeling is getting to that point where you lose your desire to continue and it turns into days and weeks because you decided to dive in Too Deep. I know I am getting technical and kind of getting away from the main idea of this video but something in me had to share this. Life is about balance and sometimes it is okay to put the near future on hold momentarily (as in tomorrow) get your rest now, take it easy and then continue. even if that means kicking back and watching cat videos on YouTube. you have to fit in some leisure time even if it involves doing stupid stuff. take care of the little kid inside of you. If you burn yourself out there is no point because there is a risk of losing all that you had worked for. The times when you wake up one day and whatever you were working on doesn't sound good anymore. It's like driving somewhere a few hours away being focused on getting there and not considering that you need to stop and get gas. If you don't get gas, your car will run out of gas. Then there is a whole new problem to deal with.

    I love the whole concept of this video but at the same time there needs to be balance. if you are going to pull an all-nighter to study you may risk sleeping through your alarm or being so drowsy during your exam that you don't do as well. I think that's where it's important to analyze your goals ahead of time and planning how to make things happen and adding a little more time to give yourself some wiggle room. Things come up. Whenever I write my to do list for the day, something that will take me an hour, I will add on an extra 15 minutes for all the times I have to stop and do something for my five year old. that's why so many of us write our to-do lists and then feel guilty because we didn't create a list with deadlines in a realistic way. I will write my to-do list for the day to get XYZ done not considering the fact that realistically this list would take a few days instead of just one day. I've learned that getting too technical with my to-do lists is creating The Perfect Storm with overwhelm. When I write a list, I go by the KISS acronym, which means "keep it simple, stupid!" 😂 I will write down three things, complete them and then I can go back and fine-tune things. For example I can write "clean the kitchen, do all the laundry and vacuum the whole downstairs on my to do list." I will clean the kitchen and realize the hours have passed because I was focusing on every nook and cranny. I used to do that to myself but now when I clean the kitchen, I do a quick tidying up and move on to the next thing. I need to go for progress and not perfection. at the end of the day things look better as a whole and then I can go back and do all the nook and cranny stuff. so if someone were to stop by oh, my house would look tidy instead of me feeling embarrassed that everything is so cluttered but my kitchen is spotless and clean enough to eat off the floor, lol. that was me just vomiting my thoughts and forgive me for all the typos as I am using voice text.

    Be realistic, take care of your rest and create some wiggle room. focus on the most important things from a bird's-eye view. it's about progress and not perfection. So yes getting stuff done is considered being proactive, but also scheduling some time for rest and even time to kick back and watch junk TV. have your own happy hour and do whatever you want without feeling guilty. but if you let days and hours pass staying busy with things that won't things that won't help you achieve your main goal, that's where you have to re-evaluate. Forgive yourself, ask yourself what you learned about yourself, and evaluate the areas that will pull you away for longer than you anticipate. One of my biggest culprits is taking a break and checking Facebook. I look up and so much time has passed and I had nothing to show for it because I got stuck in the Facebook black hole. Be mindful about your body, your mind, and timing.

  13. Thanks for the video I feel like this is one step on a long looooong journey but its important that I made it. I would like to request a video on how best to start a freelance business keep in mind I have tried this a few times as a freelance artist I was quite successful but I quickly felt overwhelmed by the mountain and the clients that I had to deal with I became despondent and overwhelmed. If you could link me something or once youv'e done it let me know thanks, I will head straight to it.


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