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At PlayStation we’re always looking for developers and leaders to build outstanding experiences that will affect the lives of hundreds of millions of users worldwide. While gaming will always be our foundation, PlayStation is a not just a gaming console. Our teams are developing the platforms that enable highly scalable network services and compelling client experiences, using best-of-breed open-source and innovative in-house technologies!

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  1. Hwy there I need someone to guide me for being a software engineer in playstation please someone from playstation as a software engineer help me please..

  2. Well PlayStation software is not special like ios because ios helps you to get most out of the your silicon chipe unlike windows,xbox is and like PlayStation software

  3. Your menu gui from the ps4 makes the ps3 menu run so slow!! Please engineer ps3 menu gui storefront better, it used to work just fine

  4. I would like to make a PS Store better:
    – Add more videos and screenshots to every product (some of them don't have any media);
    – Add only full HD videos for products;
    – Add more payment methods;
    – Add subscription only for multiplayer capability;


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