Planetoids & Pre-Hardmode MIMICS?! | Let's Play Terraria Calamity Modded [Episode 9]


Terraria Calamity Modded – Exploring Planetoids & encountering a PRE-HARDMODE MIMIC?!
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Welcome to my Terraria Calamity Modded Let’s Play! In this Terraria Modded series, we’re playing through the MASSIVE Calamity mod, my favourite content mod out there for Terraria! We’ll be building, exploring, battling and doing all sorts in this Terraria Modded series so if that’s your cup of tea, be sure to stick around!
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★ tModLoader (You need to install this FIRST)

AlchemistNPC Lite
Banner Bonanza
Better Night Sky
Boss Checklist
Dark-Assassin’s Mod Library
Even More Modifiers
Fishing 2.0
Large World Enabler
Max Stack Plus
More Endless Ammo
Player Resource Bars
Recipe Browser
Reforge Armour
SkyBlock Mod
Terraria Hooks
Which Mod Is This From?
Wildlife Mod
Yet Another Boss Health Bar
imkSushi’s Mod
imkSushi’s Naturally Occurring Moons
imkSushi’s Old Recipes Enabler

★ TerraCustom (What I used to custom generate my world!)

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♬ Background Music
● INTRO – “Overworld Day”
● OUTRO – “Underground Hallow”

Above music is by Scott Lloyd Shelley
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● Vol 2 –
● Vol 3 –


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  1. 5:20 If that's just a random generation, not an intended refference to The Little prince, I'm very dissappointed in the mod creator

  2. @PythonGB, for the future, I recommend to you the Sticky Situation and the Throwing Expansion mods. The Sticky Situation mod adds a healthy number of slime-related weapons and such, and the Throwing Expansion Mod expands the throwing class from the very beginning of the game, up until Moon Lord. 🙂

  3. Python why do you keep throwing away stuff when your inventory is full when you could just use your piggy bank? Also you should definitely use magic storage instead of 15 different messy chests

  4. Python needs to make sure that he’s not holding the item in his 3rd slot for long periods of time 😭 he’s losing health

  5. I am a BIG fan and I play ark survival evolved maybe if you want to create a online game in ark survival evolved ok.

  6. Python, that underground lake you're fishing in does not all count. The water surface has to be continuous, and all the water DIRECTLY beneath the continuous surface counts, which is why you're getting shoes and stuff. It's too small until you combine it. The Terraria wiki has a section about it on fishing.

  7. You should do a series where when you coollect heart crystals and life fruits you cant use them till you have enough to get full 500 HP.

  8. Hey python, idk if it’s just me but I’m really hyped for this series and would love it if you could make more calamity episodes

  9. Python, I feel like you should call your forest base 'The Oasis' as it's in between two deserts! Really enjoying the modded content btw!
    (I did say this in the last episode too so sorry for repeating myself!)

  10. Hey python hopefully you read this comment but I’m really interested in the 47th episode of the hard mode play through xD

  11. If you open inventory while fishing and throw something out you will throw out 2 extra fishing lines so if you do it quick enough you can catch like 50 fish at once in like 1 minute. I dont know if it works on pc tho


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