OODLES of SPOOPLES | Layers of Fear #1


Layers of Fear offers a surprisingly good horror game experience!
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Nguồn: https://thaymanhinhsamsunggiare.com/

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  1. After just finishing this game myself, it's so interesting to see Mark play through it, finding things I missed, and missing things I found! Sooo cool!

  2. mark they did the full game plus a DLC and they did a squl. layers of fear twocan you play them both pls!!!!!!

  3. 5:36 the picture was probably from a time when children were seen as unholy, so they painted children to look alike adults until they found the childish innocence to abe charming

  4. Good job playing this on Halloween. I remember the secret when I accidentally played on halloween. It's pretty great, this is honestly my favorite game. You should play the second one; the graphics are fantastic, and fun fact: you can run in the second one

  5. Can someone PLEASE explain why this person who is fucken annoying and pathetic has over 25 million subscribers?

  6. Me: Wow, I can't believe I finished this game. I feel so good about myself and my playthrough! I wonder if Markiplier has played it
    Me, less than 5 minutes into this video: I missed basically everything I could've possibly missed in this game 🙄

  7. Me: Watching this at night
    Also me: Wait a minute! Checks the time
    Also me: Okay, it’s only 4:48 AM, I’m good.


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