Next Batman Game Teased with New Symbol


WB Games Montreal is teasing the new Batman game once again, this time with a new symbol released through social media and a hidden page on WB’s website.

Next Batman Game News Playlist:

● WB Games Montréal Redacted Page –
● WB Games Montréal on Twitter –
● WB Games Montréal on Facebook –
● WB Games Montréal on Instagram –


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  1. That Symbol looks like the Symbol Of The Government which gives me the Idea of: Amanda Waller which we all know tryed many times to take out Batman in the past we know the League of Assassin's tryed to take out Batman aswell also the Court of Owls did and We know that their symbol is the Owl. But its just a Theory.

  2. I think this game will featured to bat family that include
    -robin(damian Wayne)

  3. Nadia will be a main/the main villain I am predicting, and Batman will be back but undercover, and using fear gas as a main weapon. Of course we know there will be multiple characters.

  4. Ok, I’ve you’ve at least watched Gotham swing this symbol would automatically make you think about the court of owls since the symbol is an owl

  5. i hope that they will give more attention the the engine not like arkham knight where the min requirement was i5 and gtx 960 or something

  6. Who think the robin is damian?
    Plus, I hope WB Montreal still do batman game that available to old platforms like Xbox 360 and ps3

  7. Well in september 2019 batman was free but i downloaded it for free just yesterday and finished it today lmaooo. The protocol sucks tho well i just noticed that a new one coming out soon lol im lucky that i didnt played it 5 years ago! Ty for reading my comment i guess <3

  8. Just imagine the scenario when this game will be a service with microtransactions or worse(MOBILE GAME). I don't want it as well, but be ready for the worst…

  9. I’m honestly still not a fan of WB Montreal. Don’t know about y’all but I didn’t forget about the problems with origins

  10. Prior to this:

    Arkham origins release – 25 October 2013

    ps3 super slim release – September 25, 2012

    arkham city release – 18 October 2011

    ps3 slim release – September 1, 2009

    arkham aslyum release – 25 August 2009

    ps3 release – 11 November 2006

    arkham knight release – 23 June 2015

    ps4 release date – November 15, 2013

    Note: Ps4 slim & pro were announced in 2016 which eliminates the speculation of arkham knight releasing in there.

    Based on this, i can tell or that the new teased Batman game will release in the (new) new-gen consoles in the Ps5 and xbox 2.
    Sorry for the disapointmen folks, it may release prior to next year or the year after. But i definitely think it won't release in 2020.
    But you can re-visit the amazing games!

  11. the court of owls will be great, its a formidable enemy for batman! im really excited! i want the game to be rated R but that probably wont happen…

  12. This becoming like the fast and furious saga people are getting damn tired of it. But one diffidence is these guys make us wait for a long time and eventually we get bored of it but the FF guys release movies constantly still we are bored of it.


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