Moonstruck Blossom / Soul of Sectonia (Kirby Triple Deluxe) – GaMetal Remix


Queen Sectonia returns to GaMetal in her final form in this remake of Moonstruck Blossom and Soul of Sectonia (aka The World to Win) from Kirby Triple Deluxe!

Another highly requested Kirby song coming your way on the Dreamland Invasion album! Ever since I did Dirty & Beauty (or Sullied Grace), I’ve gotten tons of requested to finish what I started and do Moonstruck Blossom and Sectonia Soul (or Fatal Blooms in the Moonlight and World to Win, whichever you prefer).

I kept the softness of the original going, but the song amps up as it goes along. So in a way, this is the ‘soft song’ of the album. Enjoy! 😀

Gameplay footage by SolarZero (Thank you!)

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  1. One more 1 day break and it's on to the final 2 songs on Thursday and Friday!

    The album will be officially released for free at the beginning of next week, coinciding with a Q&A Live-Stream. Most likely Monday, but I'll give you an official time by the last song.

    Until then, hope you're still digging the Invasion! (>'-')>

  2. Trivia of this song:
    The Japanese title is 狂花水月 which is the same pronounciation of 镜花水月. The latter is an old Chinese proverb means "Flowers in reflection of a mirror and Moon in the reflection of water", which indicates beauty that is a phantom and never will last.
    The "狂" in the former means "Crazy/crazed", the word play here is that this song is of a beauty that was crazed and only a phantom which will never last.

  3. You wouldn't expect the cute, cuddly and impossibly adorable Kirby to have themes that SMACK HARDER than ninety percent of action games.

  4. Hey dude I'm a huge fan of your work, I use a lot of your music as inspiration for my art. The bit you made at 1:43 – 2:03 is phenomenal. Keep up the sick work, I'll always be listening!

  5. Moonstruck blossom is when Hoshi no kabbi has a new opening in 2019
    Soul of sectonia is when the final boss is zero from Kirby dreamland 3 but surrounded by 3 dark matters


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