June 29, 2020
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In this video i will install MiniTool Partition Wizard version 12 and test it out on my USB flash drive.

I will do some simple tasks on it like:
Split the disk into two same sized partitions,
Convert Fat32 to NTFS format,
Resize the partitioned disk drive,
Analyze the disk drive,
Recover data and files from disk drive,
Speed benchmark the disk drive and more.

Here is the link for the application.

In my own opinion it was very fast it had a new straightforward interface which was very up to date and easy to work with.

You can try it out yourself, thanks for watching and i hope this video was helpful.

Nguồn: https://thaymanhinhsamsunggiare.com/

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  1. Uğur Demir Posted on June 29, 2020 at 2:20 am

    this is great thing don't think of it all benefit us thanks 🧡💛💜