Men's Vault Final – London 2012 Olympics


Full highlights of the Men’s Vault Final from the North Greenwich Arena at the London 2012 Olympic Games on 6 August 2012.

Artistic gymnastics was introduced at the very first Olympic Games in 1896 in Athens, and has been present at every edition of the Games since then. At the beginning, it comprised disciplines that are difficult to qualify as “artistic”, such as climbing and acrobatics.

The foundations of the Olympic gymnastics programme were laid at the 1924 Games in Paris, when the men’s apparatus individual and team competitions appeared. In 1928, women were included in the Amsterdam Games. It was not until 1952 that the women’s programme was developed, with seven events, and then stabilised at six events as from the 1960 Games in Rome.

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  1. Can anyone tell me why an Amanar vault is a 6.5 difficulty for women's vault but a 6.6 d score for men? I'm talking specifically about Gonzalez of Chile.
    Also, it seems the judges are much harsher on the women: Muculak of the US stepped in the red and he still got a monstrous score with over a 9 in execution. But when women do the same thing the deduction seems bigger. Very few women get a 9 or over in E score no matter how impeccable the vault was.

  2. 양학선님,아직 잊지 않는,못하는 사람들이 많아요~ 올림픽 관련 영상을 볼때마다 축하드리고 타 종목보다도 짧은 시간내의 경기인,자신과의 싸움이 관건이 되는 종목에서
    이리 세계 최고셨으니 분명 이 생애 축복 받으신 분이고 앞으로도 늘 행복한 삶을 영위하실 수 있는 분이실 거라 믿습니다.
    '당신은 전세계의 인류 누구보다 완벽했다'는 순간을 인정 받으며 만끽하셨으니 이보다 더 스스로 자랑스럽고 뿌듯한 순간이 어디 있을까요~ .. ^-^
    제가 삶에 지쳐 희망을 접고 싶을때마다 학선님 영상을 종종 봅니다. 볼때마다 멋있으세요!^^

  3. Did anyone notice how the rest of the audio (the vaulting and the cheers) came early? Like, as you see the men saluting, you can hear a spring, then a pop, and then the landing, and then the cheers…

  4. I hope they clean the vault after each run. Made me sick seeing several of them spit into their hands before taking off. Disgusting.

  5. Haha. Sam Mikulak, celebrated much not minding he only has 6.6 difficulty value compared to others who has 7.00 above.


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