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How to Start a Sex Cult is a powerful and disturbing observational documentary about a self-appointed ‘cult’ leader and his sex slave.

Lee claims to be a leading member of a sex cult called the Kaotians with, he says, thousands of followers worldwide. He believes that men are naturally dominant and that women should serve as their slaves. Through internet chat rooms, he lures one married woman in Australia to leave her husband and come to Britain to be his slave.

But who is Lee, who are the Kaotians, and why is this woman prepared to subject herself to a life of servility? How to Start a Sex Cult is a dark but compelling film which explores the connections between love and abuse and describes where fantasy ends and reality begins.

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  1. You know Sir, I am a slave at heart, and know my place!!! Not a fantasy, but reality to serve a superior like you!

  2. This Lady is being absubed and she needs to be saved or have someone to help her she is accualty abused and being forced to be having sex whit others safe this lady.

  3. Oh my word the guys whole demeanor is reek and stink and as a whole he is repellant….gives me the creeps. He'd probably think it funny…but actually he is a disgusting excuse for a human! Poor kid has no chance in life and its not even seen sun yet


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