[MapleSEA] Afterlands Full Playthrough


Read description for more information.
All fighting/mobbing scenes that last for more than 1 minute will be sped up 4x to prevent time wastage.

ASTERIA – The World of Paradox
ASTERIA – The World of Paradox (Night Ver.)
ASTERIA – Can You Read My Thoughts?
ASTERIA – Can You Read My Thoughts? (Night Ver.)
ASTERIA – The Dancing Weathercock
ASTERIA – The Dancing Weathercock (Night Ver.)
ASTERIA – Bottoms Up!
ASTERIA – Bottoms Up! (Night Ver.)
StudioEIM – Amusing Story In The Fairytale
StudioEIM – Strange Sort Of Story
StudioEIM – Waltz For Work
StudioEIM – High Enough

=====Fun Facts=====
The entire run took 1 hour and 20 minutes.
The entire run was done in one-shot, with no breaks.
This is my 3rd full run of Afterlands.
I have never edited a video in my entire life, and I know it sucks. Sorry 🙁
This was recorded in MapleSEA, Cassiopeia. IGN SheItered.

Initially meant to be a guide video, but I got kinda lazy so here, just have it as it is :d
Maybe I’ll add in captions commentary after I stop being lazy. I only did around 11 minutes of it before my laziness took over.

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  1. why I had all keys ,include the adlers key,and i unlocked every lock,but cant unlock the first one,the key was in my inventory tho T^T

  2. My white key won't unlock the lock even though I have it. Its the only key that hasn't opened for me. I can't forfeit the quest either. Can someone help me?

  3. When I did this the kids did not change colors
    N so many things I didn't see. I spend like 5 hrs doing this quest.
    I came at lvl 70 left with lvl 102.
    Very complicated quest. Like the bag thing. Took a while to see it was clickable.
    N the mute I didn't even know he was there lol

  4. 1st of all thank you for the video.
    i would i to ask that my Gel does not show me the quest anymore is there any trigger or i am done for this dungeon.

  5. i messed upp ahh i dont have any more quest to get the gold nugget and i cant givr colors to the npcs anymore
    im left with the last 3 locks that i probs messed up and the top lock(which even with the key wont unlock.-.)

  6. i use all the gold to grown big and also fiinsh the gel quest now i cant finish the quest of becoming giant warrior missing 1 key how can i finish the quest

  7. so i moved penn outside but hes "invisible" cannot see him on the map..?
    – ah nvm, i just had to loop back to land of fortune

  8. I don't understand. I did the exact same thing as you did. I ate 3 Golden Pieces to become quadruple-size, I am pressing the key button for a classic punch which works when I am at normal size BUT it does NOT WORK when I become BIG. It just doesn't want to punch at that state. I can see the wall cracks when I punch it while being normal size but doesn't break.

    I'm playing as Kinesis. It also said that in order to break the wall, I have to become quadruple-size and JUMP on the WALL ? Still does nothing !
    What is going on ? I can't solve this quest ……..

  9. thank you so much i did everything but 2 key but could not find them thanks to this video i found them now my main at lvl 210 has his totems finally so i thank you 😀


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