Machinecraft Basic Intro Tutorial [152]


(Tutorial made in 0.152, it will be while until the base information becomes outdated but just be sure it’s not the year 2054 or something as you look for tutorials.)
See UPDATES AND CHANGES section for up to date info on changed features in the tutorial.

It’s finally here, a tutorial video covering the basics of Machinecraft and how to build your first bot, we’re covering all the tools (not parts) used, with explanations of how it’s all working.

This tutorial does not cover *EVERYTHING* and misses quite a bit out, it’s only to help people not knowing where to start get into the game, things like joint cycles, many parts and online are not covered.
Remember to check out the samples and see how they do things.
If a sample bot is acting on it’s own ingame press F7 to disable it’s lua autopilot.

English site (manuals are in English too) –

Video transcript –

Music: Papyrus’ Theme/Bonetrousle by Toby Fox

– – –
In update 200 group mode is locked into expert mode, which is then disabled until you beat the challenge mode, which is pretty bullshit.
99% of the details in the tutorial are still correct however without expert mode it’s about useless.
– – –
In update 154 the joints have had their names changed to better represent what they do.
P and B joints have been merged into hinges , with a tiny control diffrence to placing them.

To change the orientation of a hinge press your modifier key when selecting it from the panel menu.
showcases how to place the new joints.
– – –

Video contents:
0:00 – Intro
0:33 – Basic Main Menu Navigation/Options Setting
1:22 – Tank End Product Showcase
1:36 – Construction Begins
1:59 – Turn Tool
2:08 – Tool Selecting and Form Tool Usage (Tank Body)
2:47 – Mirror/Flip/Undo Tool
3:13 – Turret Placement and Joint Types
3:54 – Cannon Placement/Explanation
4:32 – Tracker Explanation
4:44 – Wheel Setup and Setup Tool Usage
6:09 – Copy Tool Usage
6:51 – Core Block and Test Mode
7:17 – Group Tool Usage/Explanation
8:11 – Turret Joint/Tracker Configuration and “Neutral” Trigger Explanation
8:40 – Cannon Setup/Slider Explanation
9:22 – Sculpt Tool Usage
9:49 – Paint Tool Usage
10:17 – Assign Menu
10:43 – Tutorial Ends


Muzzled for reminding me I said I’d do this like a year ago.
TT and Apel for providing feedback on the tutorial.


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  1. The buttons being grey is due to no amchine being selected or an invlid machine being selected? What makes a machine valid? cant use mine. Never mind i was being n00b i had no core in this machine solved it.

  2. Can someone plz make a Mobile Worker from gundam iron blooded orphans it has two guns on each arm but has legs but dosent walk it has wheels at the bottom of the legs and it has 3 legs look a picture up and plz make it someone lol


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