Let's Play The New, Gorgeous And Thrilling 'Spider-Man' Game On PS4 | Gaming Insider


Love Spider-Man? Love great video games? Great news: The excellent new “Spider-Man” game for PlayStation 4 is out now.

Business Insider Senior Correspondent Ben Gilbert played the game for a week and had near-universally positive things to say about the new Sony game. Gilbert said, “Whether you like “Spider-Man” (the character) or not, there’s something for everyone in the new “Spider-Man” game.”

Read his full review here:

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  1. Ok. Not the best graphics coming from a new Spider-Man game. Don't hate me, big difference between resolution and actual graphics. Look at a game like Destiny 2, the cutscenes in the new forsaken expansion….

  2. It's too simplistic to, like some commenters here, just say that this game has "Arkham fighting". It also incorporates Shadow of Mordor finishers, Bloodborne healing-in-combat mechanics, Prototype parkour and mobility skills… Insomniac took a bunch of successful and fun combat mechanics from a multitude of different games and combined them into something pretty memorable. They didn't innovate all that much, but they did synergize and perfect a lot of the mechanics we've gotten used to in the past 10 years. It's better than it's being given credit for in this comment section.


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