Korean Word Chain Game: 끝말잇기! [TalkToMeInKorean]


Have you heard of the game 끝말잇기? It’s a fun word chain game where you have to think of words that start with the last syllable of the previous word. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates about our books and discount coupons!

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  1. In Malaysia, we make that word chain as song that we always sang it in our childhood ..

    This is the lyric:
    Assalamualaikom….kom apa?
    Kombat…bat apa?
    Batman…man apa?
    Mentol…tol apa?
    Tolak….lak apa?
    Laksa (pronounced as lakse)…se apa?
    Sepak…pak apa?
    Pak cik…cik apa?
    Cicak….cak apa?
    Cangkul….kul apa?
    Colgate…get apa?
    Get out!!!!

    Not all the words in the chain are accurate because we just sing it for fun.

  2. We also have this game in Chinese. Although there is the any word version like that displayed here, the more traditional way is to say Chinese idioms (成语接龙).

  3. Interesting how a lot of the words they came up with are actually English words. "Monster, Triangle, Carnival, Lemon, Terminal, Ballet…" LOL 🙂

  4. can someone explain why they are able to replace the consonant with ㅇ like with the words starting in ㄴ and at the end around 5:29?

  5. This was kind of like watching the new Captain America movie: I felt like Seokjin could have won, but I knew Kyeong-eun was going to win. lol

  6. I always watch this kind of game on happy together, it cracked me up all the times even though i have no idea the meaning of them

  7. Hehehe this game was fun to watch. I don't think I'd do very well playing, I need to work on learning more words!

  8. Haa! I got an idea now. How about this to oneself to check out how much korean words we already know? (without the time limit!)


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