How to fix Entry Point not found error KERNEL32.dll Windows 7


How to fix Entry Point not found error KERNEL32.dll Windows 7

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Windows Update KB2533623 64bit Link :
Windows Update KB2533623 32bit Link :

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How do I fix entry point not found?
in this video i will share the solution i found for dynamic link library kernel32.dll windows 7 error..

i got this error when i was trying to install network driver for my dell optiplex 990 pc. So here is the solution which i found after some research, to get rid of this error you just need to simpy download and install windows update package which is KB2533623 from microsoft official website. I just open google and search like this “windows update KB2533623 64bit”, if you notice at the end of my search i specified 64bit.

Because i am using 64bit windows. So if you are using windows 32bit so just simple change 64 to 32bit. This is important to specify your windows version otherwise you wil receive error if you got wrong package.
After finishing installation simply restart and check if you see dynamic link library kernel32.dll error again or not.
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  1. Thank you bro. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. My online classes had started and i didn't know what to do when the error popped up.You saved my day.

  2. My windows 7 Intel i5 2450M 2.5GHz processor, is unable to run this download update file. It says system not compatible. I have kernell32 error while I try to run certain apps. Please help me!

  3. Didn't worked. When i restarted my pc it has stuck on a black screen showing no bootable device- insert boot disk and press any key

  4. How to fix this problem
    the procedure entry point steaminternal_createinterface could not be located in the dynamic library

  5. Ya it's very helpful idea… But after this process our app can't open, in this a second error also found bcoz this is too short process n by this shortness we are not be able to open those apps which we want to open…. But on u tube that error is also available….. Tysm srr for this idea ☺️☺️☺️


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