Hippolyta Walkthrough Stages 1-4


This is a video walkthrough of the online game Hippolyta. I tried to play it without losing even once, and I did it hehe!

For those who criticize me for playing the game with a slower speed than usual, well, at least I played it without selecting the full armor choice, so I had to see those melons bounce all the time. Believe me, it’s not easy to stay concentrated 😛

In some point in this walkthrough, I laugh when a whole army is sent against her, I thought: “All this mobilization just for a single slave?”

However, I researched the name Hippolyta and it turns out that in Ancient Greek mythology, Hippolyta was the Amazon Queen and her father was the Aries, the God of War. If we take that into account, it makes sense to send an entire army against her.

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