Halo: Space Battles — UNSC Infinity Beats Everything! Halo: Sins of the Prophets #1


Sins of the Prophets is a Halo mod for the real-time strategy game Sins of a Solar Empire. Today, as the UNSC, we bring it to the Covenant to try to defend earth! Welcome to the first episode of my new Let’s Play series!

As the UNSC, we use all the tools in our arsenal – especially the deadly UNSC Infinity to destroy the Covenant in a rain of deadly mac fire. In this video, I try not only to show the game to you, but provide a basic guide, with tips, for playing as the UNSC. Space battles! Capital Ships! Covenant vs UNSC action! Sins of the Prophets has it all.

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  1. Eck: "I've never seen a fleet this big!"
    proceeds to lose entire fleet through idiotic usage of titan
    OAS: laughs in Sangheili

  2. I could have a fleet full of Artemis cruisers and punics flying along side the infinity and an OAS with a few more purple bois will kill my fleet

  3. 2:11:10 even though you made a terrible joke a minute before, "UNSC fingers crossed Leroy Jenkins let's go bois" made my sides eject to orbit.

  4. Eckhart: UNSC Infinity Beats Everything!"

    Me: I literally had the UNSC Infinity. It got destroyed by everything I literally rebuilt it more than 10 Times in a single game…

  5. Use UNSC infinity and combine it with 2 or 4 artemis class and pheonix class with EMP
    can destroy whole fleet of Covies

  6. Sins of the prophets has the OAS in the role of CSO, but the ships name is solemn penance, which is Regrets CCS class assault carrier, that's quite a heavy lore break

  7. In every game I just spam Paris class doesn’t always work but it’s fun seeing how it takes to take down the covenant ships (warning it may get laggy)

  8. I'd like to mention that this mod has blackmailed the halo community of a game called " Arma 3 " that some of you might know where they pressured a developer that they helped to resign and remove his assets from a mod called Operation: TREBUCHET anyways here's the whole story https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/769440155/1836811737969414292/

  9. Im like a year and a half late, but my favorite part was when you used the in system jump and realized immediately you messed up and lost the infinity

  10. I quite liked the diplomacy options in the base game, particularly because I always sent pirate raids to my friends planets when we played together.

    Good times.


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