GTA Vice City – Walkthrough – Mission #7 – Treacherous Swine (HD)


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Mission Guide / Walkthrough Video in High Definition

Mission No. 007

Mission Name:
– Treacherous Swine
– Salaud de traître (Français)
– Der Verräter (Deutsch)
– Fottuto traditore (Italiano)
– Cerdo traidor (Español)

Mission Boss: Colonel Juan García Cortez ===================================

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  1. Gonzalez, an associate of Diaz makes Cortez neglected & known for drug deal which is ambushed in the beginning. which is why Gonzalez & Diaz are colombians.

  2. There's a gun right by the docks where you start the mission. I had no chase, just shot him 3 or 4 times then picked up the cop bribe which is right outside where the "chase" begins and completed the mission after driving around with 1 star for 5 seconds lol

  3. Gonzalez with his just 2 sentires only Gonzalez was have more from the missions the colonel,s coke and steal the deal and the exchange and home,s on the range it all about to Gonzalez from the game grand theft auto vice city stories on PlayStation 2 game console.

  4. I remember the times Vic worked for Gonzalez…and ended up getting screwed by him. Now seeing him get gunned down by Tommy is a rewarding experience.

  5. 0:33 You can see how psychotic in Juan Cortez's eyes when he says to Tommy "And then! We will find your money together".

  6. Difficulties: None, Extremely Easy, Very Easy, Somewhat Easy, Medium, Somewhat Hard, Hard, Very Hard, Extremely Hard, Nearly Impossible
    This Mission's Difficulty: Easy

  7. Cheap inaccurate shots, Is using the chainsaw too tough for you? I dont know why such cowardly players even bother posting their pointless walkthrough. Anybody can finish it quick and cheap with firearms, but you dont semem to have the guts to chase him with the chainsaw.I can finish Gonzalez faster than you just by jumping down and slashing him with the Saw, but prefer to chase him to outside and hear him whine a lot more fun but you dont have the guts to do it, lmao!


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