Gamer Pillows – Perfect for Game Rooms, Gifts & Kittens


My kitten Bagheera loves these pillows from and you will too. They are well made, look good and make a great gift for any gamer!



** Full Disclosure: RetroModding sent me the pillows for review, but I am not being paid for the video, no one is reviewing the content and there is no affiliate link. I really just like the pillows **


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  1. I don't have a cat, but AFAIK you can get a groomer to cut/file their nails on occasion. I am not sure how much that helps with scratching. It may help you considering your scratching problem looks involuntary

  2. Metal.jesus love your kitty meows I have a kitty meow named button very fat white and Brown tabby. Love your channel . And collection you have become the new Pete dorr

  3. I like how you declare you got sent some of the items and you brought it to promote/use it for your channel. We might disagree on what sponsorship is. As I see it you can have a sponsorship without getting paid money wise but in products. For instance many youtubers get sent products which the companies hope will be used in videos. However it is mostly termology. The important part is you are up front about. It makes you trustworthy.

  4. Good for you for rescuing him. More people need to be like Metal Jesus. I also loved how you said you can't believe you are making a video about how pillows work. That cracked me up.

  5. I dont comment that much but your videos always caught me, i see 2 or 3 straight, and i actually liked this one too because id like to learn new ways to improve my gaming experience, even this little detail like pillows or posters get the room together. Its all about the details. lmao
    You rock Metal Jesus. 👍🔥

  6. Look into kitty caps, it just goes over the claws, I used them for a bit, the cat might not like it that much when you first put it on, but it is a lot more humane than declawing, I eventually gave up and just left my cat without them, now 2 of my 3 cats are declawed but one was given to me after she was being taken care of by a friend, the other was rescued after someone abandoned him after declawing him, nobody claimed him, and the I rescued from being abandoned by her mother after some local kids mess with her and the mother abonded her likely due to the smell of humans, we never declawed her because it is wrong to do so

  7. It would be awesome if you had Bagheera in more videos!!! I have a black cat named Neo and he's awesome. I also think it would be nice to have him in some videos because as I've learned from the Cole and Marmalade channel, there's a stigma towards black cats. They're often the last to be adopted and the first to be euthanized. It would be cool if people could see more of how cool black cats are. They're my favorite. Keep up the good work man, love the vids!!!

  8. i'm not a cat person, nor a dog person … i guess i am not a pet person at all … but i like pillows … pillows are good … pillows don't throw up on the new carpet and pee in your record crate on purpose like our cat did … among other things … we named him "gandalf" but i call him "asshole" more often than not and he does everything he can to deserve it.

  9. Do your cats chew up the wires at all if mine get hungry and I'll come home from work and my kid 1st complained about the PS2 video cable the next month the Wii sensor bar wire and part of the Turtle Beach headphones wire I mended for a while. If it wasn't in the living room where everyone goes through I would block it off but baby bumpers with no babies seems strange to buy.

  10. Have you thought of just trimming your cats claws? Me and my wife have three cats and we trim their front nails once a week. It is painless because all you are doing is blunting the sharp tips of the nails off. We of course still have scratch post for them because even though their nails are trimmed they still shed.Clippers come in a few varieties but I find the guillotine type is much easier to use. Im sure you could ask your vet to show you how to safely trim their nails. All you really have to do is nip the first mm of nail off and avoid the quick. You could also trim the back nails but we find our kitties claws shed just fine without them and they don't really cause any damage compared to the front claws.

  11. Your cat's a cutie. My girlfriend recently lost a cat that looks a lot like yours. Coincidentally, about a year ago the cat arrived at her house all by himself when he was just a couple of months old. He practically picked his own foster family.

  12. Awesome video! I could only imagine what they had to pay to licences the images used on those pillows.

  13. I didn't know what to think about this vid at first, but it was a nice fun little vid. I love the cat, but don't put him next to the sealed PC games! -Matt

  14. awesome pillows and on the subject of rescue cats. i work at walmart and used to be a cart pusher, and i found the father of my cat, with his sibling kittens, back when he was a tiny kitten in a box in a cart while i was doing a run of carts. I called up my best friend to see if her and her wife could come and get the 4 kittens or so that were in this box. they kept one and found homes for the others. and now the cat i have is the baby of the rescued box kitten from back then and he is one of the best cats my best friend has and his child is one of the best cats i have owned XD. and if their site isnt down from the traffic i wil have to pick up some of those pillow cases because they are awesome XD

  15. If these were around $20 I could see myself buying these, but I feel like $30 is just a tad too steep. A shame since I really like the Sega pillow. Maybe when they go on sale later on.


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