FXT FX888R the Triversity system – with FpvBlue with some Hangar race shots


FXT FX888R [ 0:04 ]
FPV BLUE [ 1:21 ]
VIdeo samples of miniquads in indoor races: [ 2:24 ]

From first view it looks just amazing! one BIG downside (for me) is that unusual power connector, it would be better to have xt30 or xt60 or JST or 21/5 audio/ small audio wire there instead!

Also wanted it to have 3 independet channels out from different band/channels, now its limited to only 1 band/channel on all three VRX. ( i would love to use it on races for DVR 3 channels from one FX888R unit!)

Sadly but at this time it can only work with one same channel to all outputs also only one combined video out 🙁 would be nice to have 2.

Over all great unit. works great indoor and outdoor with direct antennas.

Well for the money 3xRC832 will work great + dvr on each, also that cheap model works great indoor!
BUT triversity works flowlessly on long range! easy to attach to trackable unit. (lack of extra av out for dvr or second pair of goggles), great indoor for linear antennas and mini copters with AIO units!

ClearView beats them by quality of video, but it’s very expensive + extra antennas is a big investment..


Eachine RC832 Boscam FPV 5.8G 48CH unit what works great in indoor flights:

Music by: Andrew Applepie – The Betrayal

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Thanks FPV.Team for Hangar and fun LEDS.

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  1. Hey, i bought 4 of them and also 2 are broken. The metal piece is loose and is flipping around the case. Maybe also scratcing the PCB or other components. 2/4 broken is just ridiculous. I would be very thankfull if you can pubish a short video how to open it without damaging it!

  2. FXT FX888R: https://api.racer.lt/q0le

    Eachine RC832 Boscam FPV 5.8G 48CH unit what works great in indoor flights: https://api.racer.lt/q0FH


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