Finding the Bake Sale in Harvester — FMV QUEST


Justin and Brian are on a mission to complete Harvester and add another FMV game to their collection. But more importantly, they want to figure out what the heck is going on with that bake sale.

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  1. Find it a little funny how Steve comments on the TV looking retro, when nowadays his checkered flannel shirt would be seen as pretty '90s retro'.
    Of course, my avatar's from turn of the century times, so who am I to judge?

  2. will never not be mad I didn't get more justin and brian shenanigans their responses to finding the newspaper with bake sale burned out of it is comedy gold

  3. when justin said "you are just an adorable little boy" i thought he was talking about brian and not the character for a second

  4. Theres so much context missing from this video (judging by some of the comments, it was probably editted out for good reason, that and how long the game is) that Im at a loss for whats going on. The finishing touch was the guard at the end who for some reason had his legs replaced with a nuclear launch button

  5. How did I not find these until now?? How have I lived a year with a source of untapped McElroy/Brian content in the universe?

  6. Honestly, as bad and dumb as this game objectively is. It's one of my guilty pleasures. The artistic vision for it is so good, you just have to stan. It's basically the original version of Spec Ops: The Line

  7. Can we bring fmv quest back? I know Justin doesn’t work at polygon anymore but Brian and someone else would be lovely


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