Felt-lined video game shelf


This turned out great. Felt is soft on games and easy on the eyes. If you make something like this, pay special attention to the under-sided faces: If you don’t put enough spray adhesive there, the fabric will start to separate from gravity over time. Spraying both surfaces produces a much stronger long-term adhesion, but watch for overspray on your exposed fabric surface. Use a cardboard shield whenever possible- when in doubt, don’t risk it.
Another tip that I failed to mention in the video is that construction adhesive can be used in the trouble spots. I used a small bead along the felt edge on the backside to keep it from curling back. Likewise, if a corner ever starts to peel away in the future, I will use construction adhesive to bond the felt back to the wood. Squishing the fabric into yet-uncured caulk makes a very permanent bond.
Side note: I love the way these felt-and-plywood carriers smell once they are done. Overall, I just highly recommend making one. This one reflects two decades of revision on its design, and I couldn’t be happier. Oh, and yes- I did fill it up completely! Immediately after filming this, I topped it off with my PS2 games. This shelf is a “sixed gen,” you might say. lol.

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  1. Thank you for this! I made a similar one but used black Polymat liner instead of the charcoal color and used 777 glue, turned out really nice.

  2. Hey pocket. I am new to this wood working business and wondered what type and where you get your plywood. If I go to Lowe’s/homedepot/menards/every other home store I see nicer plywood for stupid price and absolute trash plywood for construction. the plywood you are using here isn’t as nice as the super nice stuff but it is being covered so it doesn’t matter. Where do you get your material? Every plywood I see that is cheap has big voids in the top layer or voids in the sides

  3. oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit i have to build one of these. thanks for uploading this! i've been trying to figure out how i want to build my game shelf, and this gives me a great idea.

    also Chaos Theory is one of my all time favorite co-op games.

  4. I absolutely can not stand the felt but it takes some skill to wrap it as nicely as you did. Really enjoyed your video

  5. Easy design I plan on making one thats 8'x5'ft. I made one for my cousin a while back as a test run. I like the felt idea think I'll give it a go. Love amassing original xbox games. So many good games on the system at decent prices.

  6. Doesn't felt tend to get really dusty? How do you get around that, iirc it's really hard to get the dust out too. Did you treat it with something?

  7. how is that tool you are using for the 'felt' called? 'big ass scissors' got google dirty…
    and our hardware store doesn't have anything like it 🙁
    also: speaker-boxes? have you got some tips for noobs? i had a box with a grill that started rattling and decided to build a new box but it turns out i'm unable to properly mount the speaker. does it really need to be fixed with glue? i'd prefer screws. a lot of the speakers i opened had both :-/

  8. I enjoy your videos and ideas. A lot of your projects must take ages to create and film, and yes, I clicked on the rabbit!

  9. It's beautiful! And I'm glad I'm not the only one with a quirky only understandable to the person who set it up kind of organization style. I currently use a shoe holder for my games, so they are relatively close to the floor. I've held two rows of about 50 games and I still have room on top to stack some sideways. Though making one of these shelves could prove extremely useful. Then again I already have a shelf, maybe I could add a backside to it for safety purposes, once I clean it off, it has quite a bit of miscellaneous items on it. Mostly some stuff I made in art class way back when I was in school. Some fun memories with them too.

  10. Thats a tidy shelf. It's giving me one hell of a vibe but I can't quite place it.

    Shame that physical media is all but dead with newer games though. I bought a swish boxed copy of dark souls on the PC a few years back and tried to install it again about a month ago, but it used Games for Windows Live which was taken down since Microsoft has a habit of just dropping support of things at short notice. There was no alternative but to use the CD code on steam and to play it through that. I'm still considering downloading a crack to shove in the box with the game, just in case I want to play it again when steam dies. Or at least to be able to play the game without being forced to use some crappy middleware.

    Also i'd suggest placing fallout 3 in the bin, along with the rest of the garbage.


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