What’s up NUB NATION!! Today I hoped back on my Superbrand Fling & realized that it might be the FASTEST SURFBOARD in the GAME! The thing was flying over little New Jersey Summer wedge s & ripping down the line where I went surfing. As a surfer I’d definitely suggest a Fling for small waves!! Thanks for all the stoke! – Love Ben


VLOG 925 of 1000 // 2018
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  1. Hey Ben, if you had to pick just one board from your Superbrand quiver to cover a broad range of your everage waves from 2 ft to like head high and a bit, maybe a bit of a tube here and there, which board would be the one? You reckon the Fling can cover a lot of range of waves? Or would you go with something else?Cheers! C

  2. I finally got one. Its replacing a hypto krpyto as my shite wave board….. those high tide days when the sandbars are crap flat face rolling through from the outside…

  3. I forgot to ask, what does the title of this vlog have to do with the footage? Are you referring to your Fling model?

  4. How many times have I told you to get sponsored by Lenny & Larry's! You got me hooked on them. Double chocolate chip and regular chocolate chip are my go to flavors. I'm eating a chocolate chip cookie with chocolate almond milk as we speak. NNFTW!🏄🍍

  5. great opening words BG – keeping stoking us and all the groms out there with your adventures, surfing and life wisdom!

  6. Bro that into speech you gave really hit home. It's been a rough summer, my girl broke it off with me and I just lost a good buddy in an accident. Life is tough rn and I'm finding myself depressed sometimes throughout the day. I feel like I'm stuck and I dream about living the dream like you everyday but idk where to start. You're vids are helping me find some positivity through it thou and I can't thank you enough for that bro! Keep killing it out there! Maybe I'll see you out at the jetty someday and thank you in person!

  7. Chill vlog dude! So, when is "Potty Mouth" O'Brien gonna get with the program???…LOL…all that editing time spent bleeping his comments out…haha. Whatever you do, don't ever get rid of him as a friend…he's awesome! Also, do you have your Solo Shot programmed to do "B Roll"??? It's seems to swing around a lot and catch random stuff or are you making it do that? Keep enjoying your summer bro! Cheers, John 😉

  8. Yo' coconut butter the underside of that Fling? Maybe a traffic cone would have made a better captains hat for that ever changing, hateful side kick…;~{?>

  9. Dude, Ben… I only made it in 1 minute of this vlog. I was having the worst 2 days of work I've had all year. All is erased because your amazing vibe. you turned my frown to a smile. Thanks brother shaka

  10. If you can’t drive onto the beach at this spot is parking accessible ? Also this wave always looks so fun, is it a good bet if I come up to surf the area in the summer ?

  11. Ur intro hit home today man. My best friends niece was trapped in a fire today and was killed. Feel totally numb. She was 18. Rough day.


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