Extreme Hydration – Between the Games


It’s a hot summer day and Gavin found a jug of water.
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  1. It's funny how they have an office filled with genuine swords, and they're likely gonna die by like moonballing somebody in the nuts so hard they die.

  2. This is the equivalent of when Dennis walks in on Charlie, Mac, and Frank when they are doing something wild. I love it so much.

  3. Trevor was honestly looking for every excuse NOT to get under the jug and then lay down multiple times…which is just a heroic thing to do, I aspire to be that man

  4. Father Geoff makes sure his children play responsibly with the giant water bottle by asking what idiotic things they want to do with it and standing by to watch. Then offers himself as a sacrifice so he can test the danger and make sure his boys don't get hurt.

  5. ADDING TO THE LIST OF POSSIBLE CRIMINAL CHARGES, THE AH BOYS(and LLTUGGSJ) DECIDED TO ADD TORTURE TO THAT LIST….. The ruling is currently out of this does classify as criminal as it was somehow voluntary and upon each other.

  6. they have all these knives and swords and claws and cleavers, and yet they're going to die from pouring water down eachother's throats

  7. oh my god…havent watched AH since I was a kid about 5-6 years ago. i decide to revist it and i still find myself laughing my ass off. now that’s quality entertainment

  8. Idk if trevor is the best manager or the worst. What are you guys waterbaording each other!?!?! 5 seconds later. Let me get in on this shit

  9. for a split second there I thought trevor was actually gonna shut that down…..then he decides to join them XD


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