Erasers Video Game Introduction


Erasers is a video game developed by Eduardo Ribeiro for demonstration purpose only, a PC video game with 3 levels, and 1 multiplayer map (IP hosting games).

The video game was made with the Open Dynamics Game Engine.

The main introduction animation in the game was made with 3D Max and Blender.

The Game is free for download at WWW.CGS27.NET

My personal opinion about the game engine:

It’s alright, there are various limitations when developing games with this engine, if the map starts to get too big, the engine will not handle.

The shadow and light rendering is also very limited even if you have a supped up machine

The multiplayer mode is very fun, specially played over Local Area Network, try it!

Download the game and play over LAN with your friends.

Oh by the way, CGS27.NET is my uhh… “under construction” video game and animation studio

Please watch the GamePlay also (Erasers GamePlay (Eduardo Ribeiro/CGS27.NET)

Thank you.



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