ElfQuest : A Fan Imagining (2011) OFFICIAL trailer


– many thanks to Stephanie Thorpe for allowing us to show the trailer.
From the release text: Both of us have been fans of EQ since we were little girls, and this project is a complete labor of love. We are working actresses and producers in the New Media circle and when we discovered our shared lifelong love for this series we were spurred to action. ElfQuest showed us the heroines that we could aspire to become and its magic shaped us, ultimately leading us into the creative entertainment sphere. So we owe it a lot! (read the whole series here at www.elfquest.com)
Self-published in the 1970’s, ElfQuest was a pioneer in the comics scene and this transmedia project represents our hope to champion it to new horizons.
We hope you watch, enjoy and share this trailer with your friends. Our goal is to create new fans and give existing ones a taste of the world we’ve loved for so long.

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  1. I know everything to do with Elfqyest. Omg. This is so awesome. Kahvi omg!!!! And my favorite. Winnowill. She look so like her!!

  2. Eyes too small. Bodies too big. These are not elves. Just humans wearing prosthetic ears. You fooled no one.

  3. I've waited so long for someone to make ElfQuest at one of the big studios. This is a really wonderful amateur attempt. Thanks, I enjoyed it!

  4. This is great! I just interviewed Richard Pini on my PL8STORY podcast and he talked about their commitment to turning ElfQuest into a big or small screen saga. He felt it may fit as a series best due to the long running story arcs. Great work!! www.pl8storypodcast.com

  5. I know it was made years ago, but bravo. I loved Elfquest as a kid. Watching this brought back great memories. Great job!!!

  6. Hard pass based on the fact that all the main elves are shown as being female when that's not accurate to the series at all

  7. Representing all the Strong female characters in this story that brought me diversity, universal love and strength in unity from my youngest days until today. 40 years of Killin' it as rebel publishers and guardians of the open and informed mind. WaRP Graphics I'm Sure must be proud. Good work crew and … I gotta say it… ~dont say it~ super hot! Winnowill~~~ excellent
    Sorry I never saw this before the final quest brought me back into the world of two moons. Neat — OO!

  8. *SENDING*
    I am a game designer working on a fan based mmorpg based on ELFQUEST. I would love your help in bringing the world of Two-Moons alive in a way that only an interactive experience can do. I would love to share where I am at and how you could help. Designing an mmorpg is a major undertaking so I am calling all Wolfriders that are interested. If you are interested please contact me at: jerdickinson@@t (I am in no way affiliated with Warp graphics or Wendi and Richard Pini. This is strictly a fan based project) But the nice thing about what I am trying to create is that there is room for everyone to help make this an amazing, immersive world. Thank you.

  9. Mixed feelings.

    I love Elfquest, been a fan for near 30 years. My A.T. trail name was Cutter, so you know it's true.

    I was looking forward to this video. I went into it imaging a short story rather than moments from a whole series. I liked the idea of moments but I would have used them to tell a more cohesive tale. I really liked that there were almost no words. I couldn't imagine it spoken and not coming across as cheesy. The words that were spoken were well done however, including the sound editing, not to mention the cut scenes and scenery shots. The costumes were mostly spot on. That was cool to see 🙂

    Makeup…bad. That's kinda where this video lost me. The women were so beautiful and the moments so staged that I got the feeling I was watching a CW rendition of Elfquest. Also, it seemed more like models just striking poses for promotional purposes rather than being a fan made Elfquest story. Sorry. Still, I appreciate that Elfquest was your main theme. It's a series that deserves to be in the limelight, so thanks for that!

    So yeah, mixed feelings. Didn't give it thumbs up or down, though I hope it inspires other films (maybe a cartoon) and inspires people to read Elfquest.

    Dewshine, call me so we can get together and recognize 😉

  10. That awkward moment when you make an elfquest fan fiction and it starts out good but then you realize none of the males are in it..who knocked up rainsong?

  11. Minus the fact you guys couldn't wrangle men into this, this was seriously GORGEOUS. Holy butts. These people should do "music videos" with Julia Ecklar's permission for all of her Wolfquest songs.

  12. The choice for Leetah was horrible. Other than that, this got me excited for them to actually make an Elfquest HBO series or movie series. Theres a lot of great possibilities special effects wise. Elfquest is such a rich universe. If they did it I would hope for R rating but assume im getting PG-13.

  13. ok…… this is not accurate or acceptable, the main fairy is đark skinned and where are the male fairies? this is some B.s.

  14. nou nou om eerlijk tezijn vind er niks aan het is tegemaakt. De film drukt het hele Elfquets de grond in. Vind de comic's veel spannender die ik al spaar sinds 1999😃 an lucky the movie didnt make it hahahaha


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