Do You Remember MYSPACE?


A documentary on the rise and fall of Myspace that was filled with adware but was also one of the most important social networks that was ever created.






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  1. You deserved better Megan. May your soul live on in love and joy. And may all those who perish from abuse rest in peace with you.

  2. Whos voice is that narrating it? Because you got the tone on point. It sounds all dramatic especially when you talk about the bullying part. Thats fucked up.

  3. I made a myspace profile of my fat angry math teacher in 8th grade. It was just a page of fuckery and pictures of food, and an ice cream truck lullaby song

  4. i never had a myspace account but i do remember it being all the rage i feel awful for meghan i don't understand why people go out of there way to destroy someone's self esteem what's already broken i hope they burn in hell and for the adults they should've known better don't give me that i feel really bad crap stfu i wouldn't buy that shit from a bullying 14 yr old nevermind a fucking adult i hope meghan is at peace

  5. Yep I remember Myspace it was before Facebook started and Myspace let us have over 5,000 friends and Facebook only let us have 5,000 friends on there !

  6. Im blessed. I was in my prime around the myspace era lol. I didn't know that changing your profile was an accident ha


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