CONTROVERSIAL Matches in Football – Matchfixing?


Shocking decision by the referee are shown in this video. Barcelona Chelsea has to be the worst refereeing in Champions League history
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South Korea fixed World Cup 2002 right?


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  1. Don't bitch to me. 04:04. Not even remotely a penalty. Drogba was knowing for theatrics. 04:27. Two players battling and it ends with the defender making an excellent tackle. 04:50. Not even remotely a foul. 10:10. Potentially a pen if there was VAR but pique didn't move his hand. it was in the same position before the ball hit it. All in all, Barcelona were the better team and deservedly won.

  2. Don't get carried away. The players of Spain went down very easy. Like they always do. Glad they were not rewarded this time.

  3. as chelsea fc were somewhat hard done by the gods of football, it was also a sharp reminder how huge of a cheat their all time hero mr. didier drogba was whilst playing for them; i find it awfully hard to respect players behaving like that, even when they play for clubs i like; suarez & neymar also come to mind ….

  4. I don’t agree with 90% of what’s being complained about, if anything what ruins the game are not the refs, but the amount of diving by players.

  5. Robben dived, there shouldn't have a penalty; Lewandowski was offside before Ramos scored an own goal; Vidal deserved the red card (if you look closely, you could see that he touched Asensio's foot a millisecond before he touched the ball). Haters gonna hate, Real gonna win.

  6. In the match of Real Madrid against Bayern
    I don't understand when you say "matchfixing" because there were mistakes from the referee that benefited Bayern and others that benefited Real Madrid.
    So it wasn't a matchfixing in benefit of Real Madrid or something like that, it could be a very bad refereed match.

    It's just what I think


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