Bugs on Rugs Review – with Tom Vasel


Tom Vasel takes a look at a set collection card drafting bug game!!

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  1. Bought it for ~$6, played several games. Cards are a bit stiff, I like the wall power as a randomizer, it was necessary to reference the rule book early on. Game value far exceeds price imho. A keeper for sure. Thanks, Tom.

  2. Tom pretty much nails this. It's another neat little game from KTBG, and it works quite well. I agree that the wall powers are a bit arbitrary, and all of the iconography does actually make the game tricky to teach, even to gamers! I'd say the scoring is more complex than it first seems too. Still, those points aside, the game is well presented, quick and generally fun. A nice $10 game.

  3. Spiders are not bugs, they are arachnids. Sure, not a big deal in playing the game, but it bugs me. A praying mantis or dragonfly or bumble bee would have been better.


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