Biobots: Snakebot, Batbot, and More Robots Inspired by Nature | WIRED


Nature knows what it’s doing, and roboticists are more than happy to steal evolution’s ideas to make a plethora of curious and clever machines.

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Biobots: Snakebot, Batbot, and More Robots Inspired by Nature | WIRED


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  1. Add a gun to any one of these and it's terrifying. The rich are going to use robots to comitt genocide against the poor.

  2. 1:30 “copying a snake’s physiology… would be impossible” FALSE: it is only impractical, clearly not impossible. Just very complex and expensive.

  3. Young alien: so they will be more powerful of nature.

    Old alien: no young one soon the humans will learn that they can never overpower nature
    (Turns to view screen)
    Nature is stronger then all.

  4. we want such robots as our personal alarm or massage us !! so they have to do something. we are big children now…. we need further options.


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