Best GLITCH HOP Gaming Mix 2017 #5


Best GLITCH HOP Gaming Mix 2017 #5

Artwork by ©KNKL
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00:00 Luxide – King Of The Skies
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03:45 Teminite & PsoGnar – Senses Overload (Luxide Remix)
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08:02 Sad Zombie – V5
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11:25 Luxide – Smile More
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16:22 Kyomu – Toad
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20:37 Sad Zombie – Varel
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24:21 ColBreakz – Fantasy (Heavy Pulse Remix)
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26:54 Sad Zombie – Infinity
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32:08 Sad Zombie – G4M3B0Y
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37:39 Sad Zombie – 773
● Download / Stream:

41:14 Sad Zombie – The Happy Hideout
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46:02 Seico – My Way
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49:43 Gynj – Sunset
● Download / Stream:

52:55 Gynj – Energetic
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56:19 Speo – Lost [Tasty Release]
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  1. so if you add some glitchy computery fluff to dubstep it becomes glitch hop?… this is pretty much dubstep to me.

  2. I appreciate the long mixes, but could you vary the artists a bit more? 15 songs, 8 Artists. A Third of the songs are by the same artist 😐

  3. Hello, I'm an up and coming artist, please check out my music and tell me what you think. If you like it, give this comment a thumbs up so I can reach more people.

  4. Nice videos man. But I suggest you get a moderator or a bot for your chat during your livestreams. It can get really bad in there from what I've seen.

  5. There is music that survives the test of time, music that we all are familiar with that was written hundreds of years ago, a hundred years ago, 70 years ago, 50 years ago, 30 years ago, 20 years ago, 10 years ago…but nobody will remember this NOISE for more than a few months. Setting more or less random noises to a beat is NOT necessarily music! I appreciate the effort you put into this but I suggest putting your future efforts into making music that has more lasting effect than a SNEEZE.

  6. 日本人でglitch好きな人っておるんかな(´・ω・`)?

  7. new favourite genre!! thanks heaps for this. i wanted to move one from hardstyles but didn't know where to go until i heard this 🙂

  8. I LOVE it thx Glitch Hop is one of my two favorite music genres (the other one is Future House( and I should propoly mention Dupstep, house and trap becouse I love these as well))


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