4 Souls Rest in Peace | The Enigma Of Salazar House (Part 2)


4 Souls Rest in Peace | The Enigma Of Salazar House (Part 2) – Puppet Combo Presents The Enigma of Salazar House is point and click haunted house game with Virtual Boy inspired graphics. The debut game from Chilean developer Ignacio Maldonado / Maldo19

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  1. Next Episode is all the rest of the endings, hooyah! – To those new to my channel, welcome! Did you know we have a Discord Channel? Come check it out here: https://discord.gg/NWHRmwu I also have a Patreon if you'd like to support me! All payments are specifically for Youtube and Youtube-related expenses only: https://patreon.com/NecotheSergal

  2. I think the trash can saying "MBH's Soul" might be a shoutout to ManlyBadassHero, a Youtuber who plays a lot of games like this. He played this as well.

  3. Hey man, i found your channel like 5 months ago, and i have to say, i love your content. I think your chill atitude is what gets me and the way you make me laught without overreacting to everything. Never change man <3. (Sorry if my english is a bit broken, its not my main language).
    Also, i dont know if it is a spoiler or not, i just noticed something in this video that i think you did not notice, i will leave it down below, pls tell me if i can post this kind of things here, i dont want to break any rules or something like that n.n

    Did someone noticed the key in the bottom-right corner of the screen, next to the cursor? Minute: 34:31

  4. Cazán was the kindest soul aka the mannequin with the handkerchief around it’s neck. The perfume is used to recognize the owner since the dog was losing its eyesight due to age. The ball was the dogs favourite toy.

  5. The ball is probably for the dog that is Outside the house.
    The thing which kills the Mc when she was looking for her keys in the first bad ending

  6. This is game is real unique, I like it! also it looks like the ghost women is visible on the map when you see her.


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