♪ Vs Queen Sectonia phase 2 GBA remix "Moonstruck Blossom" (Kirby Triple Deluxe Final Boss)


Hi this is a F-L-O-W-E-R / Moonstruck Blossom GBA remix from Kirby Triple Deluxe. I wanted to recreated the Final Boss Queen Sectonia’s theme with Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland sounds for a classic / nostalgic feel. Queen Sectonia phase 2 is one of my favorite Kirby Final Boss themes and I eventually want to recreate all Kirby Final Bosses in the Gameboy Advance style.

Thanks Kabi-Ribi for the Amazing Queen Sectonia GBA style sorite

Also thanks sm64pie for providing the Moonstruck Blossom MIDI

IF YOU HAVE REQUESTS I will be doing a monthly raffle via Patreon so please consider pledging. Once I finish all the final boss themes I plan to do requests more frequently.
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  1. Everyone thank Kabi-Ribi for the sweet art. This one took a ton of effort and time in particular and looks great! ^-^

  2. I'm sure you make these to the beat of your own drum, but I have to ask, will we be seeing a remix of Nightmare or Parallel Nightmare in the near future? Thanks for your hard work!

  3. Always get emotional at that damm start. It kinda reminds of everything, memories from the game when i was a 11 year old, struggling to beat Masked Dedede and then the in-game about Sectonia's corruption and how it was tied to Amazing Mirror. This track just carries a huge amount of things

  4. This is really amazing!! Moonstruck blossom is my second favorite Kirby song, and I think you managed to catch its magical and royal essence in Gameboy form!! Maybe next you could do Taranza'd theme 😀

  5. Stuff like this really makes me want to see a remix of the Title Theme to Kirby’s Block Ball. You’ve done a great job with these GBA remixes and this is no exception!


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